Alliance Investments Management

Value with Vision

Optimal Growth

Obtain the equilibrium between short-term and long-term investment growth.

Innovative Implementation

Implement constant management innovation and process optimization.

Talent Acquisition

Attract and retain employee talent from around the world.


Achieve Success with our Investment Management Solutions.

Short-term: Gain the highest standards in the industry by investing in remarkable individuals and businesses to maximize returns.

Long-term: Provide value to our portfolio companies through top talent, knowledge, and vision.

What we do for you

At our Investment Management Company, your success and satisfaction are of the utmost importance. We ensure the safety of your investment by identifying the best opportunities to invest your resources.

From detailed research, apt evaluations of the businesses, and acquiring and managing those for a better ROI and optimization, Alliance Investments Management does all of it meticulously so that you can relax and have a long and successful professional relationship.


Deal Sourcing

Identify investment opportunities, pairing the right capital to the right business.



Determine the value of the investment and growth planning.



Expert business financials, accounting, and operations deep dives. 



Acquire the business, retain talent, and run processes.



Optimize the business, people, and processes.


DREAM to Repeat

Continued involvement from our investors, business owners, and operators. 


The parameters we use are distinctly based on years of experience. These parameters help us in making urgent yet essential decisions in the short and long run. To make it simple to understand, let us give you an inside view of what our investment strategy for Investment Management Solutions looks like:

1. Company Analysis

Company Analysis for detailed risk analysis and growth opportunity assessment that uses financial and non-financial data for proper assessment.

  • Financial Health
  • Business Performance
  • Management Quality

2. Market Analysis

Market Analysis to ensure that the market attracting the investment is actually worth it. It means it has a promising future that is worth the financial investment.

  • Financial Conditions of the Market
  • Economic Conditions of the Market

3. Investment Depth

Investment Depth or technical assessment, is the most time-consuming yet crucial part of the process. This is how you complete the deal at the perfect time.

  • Technical Assessment
  • Procurement

Diversification Across Multiple Industries

Team AIM is working endlessly to provide the best opportunities for investment in both short- and long-term options. So far, we have indulged in multiple service and product-based companies; nevertheless, there is so much more to conquer.

Our portfolio is a testament to our dedication and commitment to achieving success, both strategically and meticulously.

Company Spotlight

About Rainforest Hive

Rainforest Hive acquires Amazon FBA brands. We build and grow brands in multiple categories with our team of experts that have a strong track record of generating revenues and profits, maintaining stable cash flows, improving brand identity, sustaining a loyal customer base, ensuring superior quality, and integrating different aspects of FBA business together. 

Our Clients


AIM is currently providing significant Investment Management Services to multiple industries, ranging from service-based like healthcare, to product-based like e-commerce. The key industries include:


Revolutionizing the way our companies sell both B2C and B2B. We have decades of combined experience marketing, optimizing, and selling online.


AIM has extensive experience in both the products and service side of the healthcare industry, especially in dental.

Janitorial Services

Specializing in janitorial services that provide fully customized solutions with eco-friendly products.

Real Estate

Managing properties in multiple locations for hundreds of individuals and families in USA.


Maximizing and optimizing the output of transporting goods across America’s highways, specifically with very delicate cargo.

Digital Services

On the forefront of revolutionising the online presence of businesses with tried & tested strategies and tool under the guidance of seasoned experts.

About Farooq Cheema

Farooq is a dynamic and visionary business executive, renowned for his exceptional leadership skills and entrepreneurial prowess. With a passion for innovation and a relentless drive for success, Farooq has carved a distinguished career as a multi-business owner of the renowned Alliance Investments Management Company, revolutionizing industries across the globe, especially in Investment Solutions.

Our Executive Team

Farooq Cheema

General Partner

Muhammad Hussain

Mateen Asif

Chief of Staff

Sufyian Moten

Associate Principal

Jeremy G. Cohen

Chief Growth Officer

Muhammad Hussain

Muhammad Hussain

Chief of Staff


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There are so many ways to earn a stable flow of money. You can do a 9 to 5 job. You can also start a small business. You can do freelancing. The list has infinite options. So many opportunities are there. All you have to do is figure out which one suits you best and...

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