About Us

Building financial security for our valued investors since 2018. Alliance Investments Management (AIM) currently manages multiple investments while driving portfolio companies toward excellence.

How do we Achieve our Vision?

    • Investing in the best people and businesses.
    • Increasing maximum returns for all investors who put their trust in us.
    • Implementing constant management innovation and process optimization.
    • Obtaining equilibrium between short-term and long-term investment growth.
    • Attracting and retaining employee talent from around the world by offering a high-class work environment and development.


    To create additional value in all investments for acquiring maximum growth with the help of business management by using the expertise of the best.


    Achieving all short-term standards in the industry and adding value to the portfolio companies long term.


    • Relentless Excellence Pursuit
    • Highest Standards of Integrity
    • Innovative Entrepreneurialism

    Our Executive Team

    Farooq Cheema

    General Partner

    Muhammad Hussain

    Mateen Asif

    Chief of Staff

    Sufyian Moten

    Associate Principal

    Jeremy G. Cohen

    Chief Growth Officer

    Muhammad Hussain

    Muhammad Hussain

    Chief of Staff